Made before and after the   assembly, but also when changing the cartridge that contains the consumable. The tests are performed in the following order:


Step 1 - Car presentation

Engine compartment inspection

Exhaust tightness test

OBD diagnosis + hourly consumption measurement at idle


Step 2 - Classic engine

Exhaust gas analysis with AVL, KANE and AFRISO analyzers (λ, CO, HC, SOx, NOx, T°)


ATTENTION ! Steps 1 and 2 are eliminators, ie if major deviations from normal values are found, the car will not be equipped with EKOBIK until after repair


Step 3 - Assembly

Step 4 - With EKOBIK

Analysis of exhaust gases (same data collection, same analyzers) + hourly consumption at idle

Step 5 Comparison results

Idle consumption.