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Contact form and appointment for the professional installation of the EKOBIK device. We look forward to hearing the story of your car and to show you how you can make your car more environmentally friendly and efficient.

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1. Can EKOBIK devices be mounted only at the contact address?

For now, yes. We are open to collaboration with service workshops from all over the country, which have the necessary equipment for engine diagnosis and exhaust gas analysis and have access to an acceptable dynamometer near them. We can supply the necessary devices and subassemblies, depending on the type of engine you want to install the device on.

2. Are the devices approved by the Romanian Automobile Register (RAR)?

The devices are passive and completely external to the engine, are not driven by the engine, are not electrically driven or controlled and are not included in the list of RAR approvals.

3. Can EKOBIK be mounted on hybrid cars?

We think so, but we haven’t tried yet.

4. I have a car with gasoline and LPG. Does that mean I need two devices?

With both petrol and LPG, the engine has the same air source (you have only one air filter), so the same device will help improve combustion, regardless of the fuel used.

5. If additional air is introduced, does it not mean that the AFR will change?

The extra air will form at most 1% of the total air, so at constant load or idling, the AFR does not change. It will be modified, in the sense of optimization, at high loads (starts, overtaking, climbing some slopes, high speeds). With the exception of the classic engines (carburetor), the ignition advance angle will also be optimized, especially under high loads.

6. Can EKOBIK be used in two-stroke engines?

So far, we have not had the opportunity to test the effects on two-stroke engines, but we believe that it can be installed successfully. In fact, it should produce more important effects than in the case of four-stroke engines. We even have devices sized for small motors.

7. If the engine has any problems, can it be fixed by you?

We are not a car service. In case of engine malfunctions, serious enough to prevent us from carrying out the installation, you will have to contact a repair shop, capable of repairing your defects.

8. Can I pay by card?

Of course. Moreover, we only accept payment by card, or by bank payment instruments. We avoid cash payments.

9. I use the car very little. Would it be worth it to mount an EKOBIK device?

Only if you really want to. If you use the car less than 8000 Km/year it is not economically feasible. If your goal is to reduce pollution and no longer have problems with the PTI (RAR) pollution tests, then it is worth it, because you get a few extra horsepower, higher torque and faster engine warm-up. EKOBIK is all the more useful and profitable the more intensively you use your car.

10. I don't live in Bucharest. How can I equip my car with EKOBIK?

It depends on how far you live from Bucharest, or if you also travel to Bucharest. In any event, send us a request by email and we will make an appointment, depending on your schedule and our possibilities.

11. How can I make an appointment?

Send us a message by e-mail, or call us, we set a date, you provide us with some preliminary information and we will be waiting for you. The information we need is: make and type of car, type of engine, year of manufacture, number of kilometers traveled; do not hesitate to describe any problems you noticed regarding engine operation. If it is easier for you, send us a copy of the registration certificate, which will allow us to find out the details of your engine’s architecture.


Technology for everyone, reduce the consumption, reduce the pollution!
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Come and see for yourself!
Strictly professional installation!
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