EKOBIK Body → 10 years

Pneumatic connectics → 4 years


SI (petrol, LPG) → 2 years or 20.000 Km +/- 15%*

CI (diesel) → 2 years or 10.000 Km +/- 15%*

* consumables are subjected to the actions of dust particles and various chemical compounds in the atmospheric air that pass through the chemical system, which will be gradually neutralized (for example by the seaside, the salty air degrades the additives contained in the device faster). Even if the automobile is not used, the additives are neutralized through slow oxidation.

For EKB devices the warranty is 10 years from the date of commissioning.

If the device is defective, it will be replaced under the following conditions:

• Keeping the purchase documents, exhaust gas test bulletins and diagnostics from the date of fitting.
• carrying out the normal vehicle inspections according to the vehicle’s logbook.
• if the diagnosis at the date of the complaint shows that the engine is operating within acceptable limits and that it does not show obvious damage, significant fluid leaks or clogged filters.
• the device and its attachments are undamaged.
• the active filter replacement cycle (20,000 km or 2 years) has been respected.